Happy New Year

from Saltwater Classroom!

An end-of-year update from Saltwater Classroom founder, Lexi Doudera.

Thinking back on 2018, I realize what an incredible year it has been. 


For me, 2018 was, in many ways, a year shaped by Saltwater Classroom. This time last year, I would have just handed in my final capstone project at Northeastern — a thorough proposal and detailed business plan for Saltwater Classroom — and was anxiously awaiting my diploma. The months to follow were characterized by an intense developmental phase as we prepared for our first pilot program in Camden, Maine, in July. With the help and generosity of some exceptional people and friends, Saltwater Classroom launched a successful weeklong program that stands out to me as a real highlight of 2018.


Since that week in July, Saltwater Classroom has been busy gearing up for the road ahead. The fall months were filled with connections made and conversations over cups of coffee; a period of persistence and plenty of phone calls. It was through one such phone call that Saltwater Classroom gained a valuable partnership with a small international school in Sayulita, Mexico. In under two weeks, the Saltwater Classroom team will be traveling to Mexico to run a weeklong ocean education program for the 5th and 6th grade students in this small community.


Preparing for this upcoming workshop — our first in-school and first international program — has occupied the final months of this year. We have updated our curriculum, strengthened our mission, and sharpened our focus as we turn the page to 2019.


At times, this past year has not been easy, and there have been challenges that have tested Saltwater Classroom and our determination. However, as we anticipate the arrival of 2019, I am filled with nothing but excitement; excitement for more workshops, more ocean education, more connections, and more conversations with those who care deeply about our oceans. While we ready ourselves to ring in the New Year, I am happy to report that the wave of ocean education is building, and I want nothing more than for us to ride it together. 


Stay tuned for more news from Saltwater Classroom, and please reach out with any questions, comments, or ideas! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see updates from Mexico and beyond. 


Thank you for your continued support and best wishes for 2019!


Lexi Doudera

Founder and Director