Saltwater Classroom strives to make our programming available to all families regardless of access level. 

Towards this goal, Saltwater Classroom has created the following options for families and/or teachers. To request a limited printing or limited internet access packet, complete the form below.


Limited Printing:

Parents and/or teachers will be able to request packet of all printed materials by mail. 


Limited Internet Access:

Parents and/or teachers will be able to request Limited Internet Packets by mail, which include more materials, printed documents, and other resources.


Additionally, if a more tailored solution is necessary we will happily work to make it happen.


We never want the registration fee for our virtual programming to be a barrier for participants to join. Because of the generous contributions from our supporters, we are able to offer scholarships to individuals if the registration fee is an obstacle. To request a scholarship, please fill out the form below. 



If you have any questions or follow-ups, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Lexi Doudera, either by email at or by phone at (207) 542-2766.

Request a Scholarship or
Limited Resource Packet
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Saltwater Classroom is an innovative approach to environmental education that harnesses the power of our technologically connected world to spur an global ethic of ocean stewardship in today's youth.

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