Join a SC Virtual Workshop As a Class

Hi Teachers! We're so excited you're interested in having your class join a virtual SC workshop. Here you'll find a bit more information about this unique educational experience. If you have any additional questions, please reach out by sending an email to Lexi


All educational materials, videos, and Zoom times are found on the online educational portal, MySaltwaterClassroom.comDepending on your classroom's access to technology and comfortability with it, you will decide to create either one account for the class or an account for each student. Students will need a school email address to create an account. Have students write down their passwords. Consider a master list. Familiarize yourself and your students with the portal. 


Some Zooms can be tricky for entire classrooms to join. We recommend entire class participation during guest speaker events. Typically it is best for one computer to be projected and visible to all when joining Zooms. If students are able to spread out, partners or small groups can work well too. Your class will also have Zoom times with your Partner Classroom. See below. 

Review and understand the SC Zoom Etiquette Guide with your students. 


Each class to join a SC Virtual Workshop will be paired up with a Partner Classroom. Partner Classrooms will be collaborators and will work through some lessons together, sharing work and results. Partner Classrooms will have opportunities to connect with one another and learn from each other. The Saltwater Classroom Team will work with classrooms to find tailored Zoom times that work for your classes and match Partner Classrooms up based on this. Having a Partner Classroom is optional but encouraged to amplify the impact of the workshop and add to the educational experience! After joining, you will receive a form to complete with information about your classroom. 

Upcoming Virtual Workshop:
SC Core
May 10th - 28th
Complete form below to join as a class in addition to registration here. 
Join Virtual Workshop as a Class
 - Must be current teacher or administrator to join
- Application must be submitted from formal school email address 

Thank you for joining!