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Virtual Ocean Education

About our Virtual Education Workshops

Saltwater Classroom's Virtual Education Workshops are an innovative approach to environmental education designed to spark a passion for our oceans in students in grades 3 through 5.
Through hands-on activities, immersive videos, and live-Zoom sessions, participants will learn about a range of ocean topics while connecting with SC educators, industry leaders, and a community of peers. Both students and teachers access all educational material through Saltwater Classroom's easy-to-use online education portal, See a glimpse into the portal below!

SC Core Workshops
These workshops focus on a curriculum designed to provide a thorough understanding of our planet's oceans and marine life, as well as our human connection to the ocean. SC Core workshops are three weeks in length and like all workshops, are suitable for individual or whole class participation.  More information about the SC Core Curriculum.


FALL             November 1st - 19th, 2021
SPRING I      March 7th - 25th, 2022
SPRING II     May 2nd - 20th, 2022


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Structure and Schedule

Ocean Education Workshops with Saltwater Classroom are virtual events to join and be a part of. These workshops are geared towards students in 3rd-5th grade and are suitable for individuals, as well as entire classes. If you're a teacher and want to join as a whole class, we have some special things set up, including partner classrooms and tailored Zoom times.

Our workshops are designed to be flexible to fit parents, teachers, and participants schedules and needs. Participants will follow along on the workshop's Roadmap to track their progress with the educational material. If able, students are invited to join supplemental Zoom discussions and activities.

Both SC Core and Deep Dive Workshops are shaped by learning themes, either daily or biweekly depending on whether SC Core or Deep Dive. Under each theme is a corresponding set of lessons, typically 2-4 lessons per theme for Deep Dives and 3-6 for SC Core. Participants will follow along and track their progress working through themes and lessons on a Workshop Roadmap. 

Lessons are in a range of formats including independent and hands-on activities, immersive videos, field excursions, conservation missions, and live-Zoom events. Our lessons embrace an interdisciplinary approach and incorporate science, math, language skills, art, and music. 

Workshops center around Saltwater Classroom's Online Education Portal. In the portal, students will create secure accounts to access educational material, videos, and other fun components. Additionally, Zoom is used as a tool to facilitate connection and strengthen the education. These Zoom times are optional but participation is encouraged!

To learn about our accessibility considerations and to request a scholarship, visit this page
Take a look inside the MySC Portal!
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