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Why Global?

"The environmental crisis is a global problem,
and only global action will solve it."

-Barry Commoner


As aforementioned, the ocean connects us all, regardless of what country, region or city is called home. Through cultural connections, geographic location, economic dependence or simply the air we breathe, the ocean unites us like nothing else. The ocean, in many ways, is the largest global unifier of our planet. As such, the problems facing the ocean is equally global. To 

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effectively address these environmental problems, we must recognize the existence and importance of the global context in which they take place.


By nature, environmental threats, particularly those related to the ocean, are diffuse, indirect, and not limited by borders. As a result, these challenges are very complex and require the participation of various stakeholders from all over the world. Environmental issues such as sea level rise and depletion of resources, a call for global cooperation and coordination and how the international community responds to this call will have a profound impact on the future of humanity.


In many ways, several of the obstacles that impede solutions to today's pressing environmental problems are cultural. Perceived barriers have made it almost impossible for sustainable strategies to take root and become impregnated with deep-rooted cultural beliefs. However, the global nature of these challenges offers an opportunity for people from around the world to come together as global citizens to address them. With the unprecedented scale and potentially devastating consequences of these threats, it is imperative that we seize this opportunity and overcome whatever it is that separates us. Embracing the global nature of these challenges will provide the way for us to move towards a sustainable global future. 

Global collaboration is a primary goal of Saltwater Classroom. This is achieved through the connections and partnerships forged through the collaborative application that connects students from all over the world. Saltwater Classroom seeks to harness the power of today's technologically connected world to create a network of young students united by a shared passion for the marine environment. Through connections made around the world, young students will be able to bridge divisions and come together through a common appreciation for the ocean and the life it sustains. Through the collaborative application, students can not only remain committed to the educational material, but also rely on it through interactions with other students. The application will allow students in Boston, Massachusetts, for example, to connect with students from across the world in Melbourne, Australia, about a common favorite species or an interesting similarity between the beaches of their hometown. These connections will not only reflect the global action needed to address these challenges, but will help create a generation of young people who see themselves as citizens of the world, free of geographical and cultural differences.



In addition to the global aspect of the collaborative application, the global nature of the ocean and the problems it faces will also be a central theme of the week-long Saltwater Workshops. Both the activities and the lessons will aim to provide students with an understanding of the global scale of the challenges. In addition, information will be extracted on the relationship between local actions and conditions in other parts of the world. For example, through the conservation mission of beach cleanup, students will explore the issue of marine debris and plastic pollution, emphasizing the consequences of local action, such as littering, and the global impact that it has due to the interconnection of ocean and the power of ocean currents


For the ocean, the global nature of the challenges it faces and its impacts speak not only of its monumental significance, but of its immense complexity. However, the union of these issues can lead to the promotion of global cooperation, solving many of the social problems that affect our global society. For young students, this global cooperation begins with shared appreciation and shared passion. Saltwater Classroom makes it possible for students from all over the world to connect with each other, form intercultural relationships, share marine discoveries and, ultimately, forge a passion for the ocean that goes beyond the differences that distinguish us.

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