SC Zoom Etiquette Guide

These guidelines are in place to make sure that our time together on Zoom is as fun and educational as possible. Thanks for reading them and keeping them in mind during our Zoom times! 

All the Time:

  1. Always be respectful of SC educators and other participants during Zoom and while interacting on SC Portal
  2. Absolutely no profanity of any kind (drawn on collaborative images, written in chat, spoken out loud) EVER


Before Class:

  1. Try your best to complete required lessons BEFORE Zoom begins
  2. Set Zoom name to your FIRST NAME AND LAST INITIAL
  3. Set up your classroom: Have all your supplies with you at your learning space before the start of class; writing utensil, Saltwater Classroom worksheets, notes from the day before, water bottle, etc.
  4. Aim to be seated at desk or table with minimal distractions in background for entire class


Getting Settled Period:

  1. Mic may be on while saying hello and getting settled
  2. Listen to cue from teacher to begin class and mute mic

During Class:

  1. Be on time and prepared to start lesson unless an adult has communicated with SC educator ahead of time
  2. No virtual backgrounds — they’re too distracting!
  3. Stay seated and in one location during class
  4. Keep your mic muted unless directed otherwise by teacher
  5. Chat feature is reserved for communicating with the teacher or when teacher explicitly asks you to use the feature (like when brainstorming, answering questions, asking questions for clarification)
  6. Cameras should remain on unless directed by teacher otherwise