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2022 in Review

View our annual summary and learn all about the progress made over the past year as well as the many exciting things on the horizon.

Our Vision



About Saltwater Classroom


Saltwater Classroom is 501(c)3 non-profit that strives to inspire an ethic of global ocean stewardship in today's youth through an innovative approach to environmental education. 

Through hands-on education and thoughtful and engaging virtual programming, Saltwater Classroom connects young students to the ocean in new and meaningful ways, sparking a passion for our oceans.

No matter what corner of the planet, our oceans are in trouble. With devastating threats ranging from ocean acidification and habitat loss, to overfishing and plastic pollution, the oceans need our help.

Now, more than ever, we must come together as global citizens and drive sustainable change for our oceans.

This starts with education.

And that is where Saltwater Classroom comes in.


What people say about
Saltwater Classroom:

In a tidepool.jpg

The potential reach of this program is vast and the opportunity to change the next generation of global citizens, exponential.

- Leah Kohlstrom, parent

Camden, ME Workshop - 2018

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