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Saltwater Classroom aims to educate, inspire youth to save oceans.

Village Soup  |  July 16, 2019  |  link

"A year ago, Lexi Doudera launched Saltwater Classroom, a week-long program focusing on marine science, conservation and collaboration, with a pilot program in her native Camden. Last week the program returned for another session with local 9- to 12-year-old children, based at the Lyman Morse marina..."

Our oceans are in trouble. She's teaching the next generation of scientists to help.

News@Northeastern  |  June 20, 2019  |  link

"Finding herself in Viña del Mar for a study abroad program, Alexandra Doudera had a few goals in mind. For six months, the picturesque city on the Pacific Ocean shore of Chile would serve as the backdrop for improving her Spanish skills and teaching English to fifth-graders..."

Camden native sees need for a new wave of ocean education.

Village Soup  |  April 19, 2018  |  link

"In a lot of ways, speaking about the importance of the ocean to a bunch of Midcoast Mainers feels like preaching to the choir. Of course, there is really no question that the community we call home is heavily rooted in marine culture and tradition..."