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Here are some FAQs about a workshop with Saltwater Classroom:

How can we host a workshop at our local school or in our community? 

To host a Saltwater Classroom workshop in your local school or community, begin by reaching out to Lexi at She will happily walk you through the initial steps to setting up a workshop for your school or town. You’ll discuss what format best fits your school or town’s needs and other details to begin to make it happen. 

Our school has a busy, busy calendar and schedule, how can Saltwater Classroom fit in? 

This is common! Of course schools are busy — there’s a lot of information to learn out there. Saltwater Classroom knows this and was designed with this in mind. Our program is adaptable and can be tailor-made to fit your specific requirements. This also goes for our curriculum! Are your students dying to learn more about invasive species? Great. We’ll plug in a fantastic lesson about lion fish in the Caribbean and green crabs in the Gulf of Maine. 

What kind of information do Saltwater Classroom workshops cover? 

Saltwater Classroom workshops, whether in-school or as summer programs, are based on a 5-day curriculum that seeks to introduce students to the marine environment and lay the foundation for a lifelong commitment to ocean stewardship. This 5-day curriculum begins by placing students in a global context and introducing them to our global oceans. As we progress, students dive deeper into coastal ecosystems, marine life, and issues facing the oceans today. For more in-depth information about our curriculum, contact Olivia at

What is an example of an activity that we could expect to be a part of the SC curriculum? 

In one activity, students first learn about plastic pollution in the ocean, how it got there, why it’s a problem, and what can be done. Students are then introduced to the issue of microplastics, tiny fragments of plastic that are present throughout the ocean and pose a serious threat to marine life and ocean health. After students are familiar with what exactly microplastics are and how to identify them, students head to the shore to complete a citizen science experiment on microplastics in their local ecosystem. 

How many students can participate in a Saltwater Classroom workshop? 

There is no limit to the number of students who can participate in a Saltwater Classroom workshop. The schedule and structure of the program will simply be adjusted to fit your school’s specific needs. Our goal is to have one Saltwater Classroom educator per 12 students. 

How do in-school Saltwater Classroom workshops differ from Saltwater Classroom’s summer programs? 

The curriculum of both Saltwater Classroom’s in-school and summer programs follow a similar core structure. Because of available time, Saltwater Classroom summer programs are typically able to expand upon certain topics and cover some new lessons and activities as well.

After the workshop, how will participants stay engaged and connected with what they’ve learned through Saltwater Classroom? 

Saltwater Classroom believes that continued education and engagement is a key component in fostering a real commitment to ocean stewardship. This is achieved through Saltwater Classroom’s mobile phone or tablet application where students around the world can continue to educate about our planet’s oceans while also interacting with passionate young people around the globe. Students will be able to continue to learn about the marine science and conservation through ocean news updates, highlighted experts in the field, opportunities to post species biographies, and ways to get involved — like doing a clean-up in their community with their friends! 

More questions? No problem!
Send an email to Lexi at
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