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1. Keep Learning!

Whether you are 8 years old or 82, the first thing YOU can do to help the ocean is to keep learning! Read a book, watch a documentary, listen to a podcast, do Saltwater Classroom! 

2. Avoid Plastic

Plastic is a huge problem for our oceans and marine life and is one of the largest contributors to climate change. Every choice you make to avoid plastic makes a BIG difference. 

3. Do Coastal a Clean-Up

Removing harmful marine debris from the ocean environment is a very important thing that you can do. Organize a beach clean-up with friends or head out solo. The ocean will thank you! 

4. Consume Responsibly

We are consumers and it is our duty to consume responsibly. That means making choices about our food, clothing, and products that are sustainable and smart. 

5. Spread the Word

Tell your friends, tell your family. Share it with your teacher or your neighbor. Let them know why you love the ocean and how it needs our help and what THEY can do. 

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